Mount Seymour

To profit a bit more from the car, we decided to spend Saturday morning hiking up Mount Seymour with Ricardo and Thaís. The only previous time we’d been to Mount Seymour park was to do Dog Mountain just after we’d arrived in Vancouver. During the winter the resort operates a shuttle service from Rupert skytrain station, but during the summer months you can only really access with a car.

We had actually attempted Mount Seymour when we came on vacation several years ago, but we had tried to start from Deep Cove up the Three Chop trail (not having the luxury of a car, at that time). After slogging through the forest for several hours and having a run in with a black bear we tapped out once we reached Deep Cove Lookout (i.e. we didn’t even make it to the trailhead for Mount Seymour itself!) and hitch-hiked back down.

This time, however, was much more successful. The trail is very well marked and the views from the summit are marvelous; a grand day out!