My name is Joe, and I am a software developer with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and a penchant for writing quality code for scientific applications.

What am I working on?

Kwant is a Python package for simulating quantum transport in nanodevices. It has been used in hundreds of research projects all over the world, as well as a teaching aid in courses on condensed matter physics.

Adaptive is a library of algorithms for adaptively sampling mathematical functions that integrates with the Jupyter notebook. It has been used in cutting edge quantum transport simulations.

Zesje Is a web app for grading exams. Born out of necessity while administering exams to hundreds of undergrads, it's now used in several departments at Delft University of Technology.

I've been teaching myself Haskell, to learn the fundamentals of functional programming, and contributing to hledger to get some experience working with a mature codebase.

What's my day job?

I currently work in the theory group of the topological quantum computing roadmap at Qutech. I mainly hack on Kwant, but I also provide general computational physics support, as well as administering the group's computing resources, and mentoring PhD students on best practices for software development.

What do I do for fun?

When I'm not coding I'm probably up a mountain (less since I moved to the Netherlands!), in the climbing gym or playing designer board games. I'll sometimes blog about stuff I find interesting (the mountaineering posts come with photos!).

You can get in touch via email, my PGP public key D2C4E1B6 can be found on most keyservers.