Joffre Lakes

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Our first camping trip with the new car! This one was a one-nighter at Joffre lakes with Kiri and Philip.

We managed to pack all the gear for us four in the boot of the car and started off towards Squamish. We stopped there for a tasty lunch of mozzarella tomato sandwiches with the epic Stawamus Chief for a backdrop.

Arriving at the car park, the journey to the first of the Joffre lakes is less than five minutes from the car park! The campsite, however, is at a couple more hours of hiking, so our journey was not over yet!

The trail to the second and third lakes is initially quite steep, but levels off after the first half an hour or so. On the way we encountered whiskey jacks that would beg for food (we did not oblige!), as well as animals of the more wooden variety.

Arriving at the campsite we set up our tents on the flat patches reserved for this purpose. Not all these areas are super comfortable (some have huge stones right in the middle), and one should be careful not to damage the tent fly with the sharp rocks!

The next day was quite overcast, but luckily we had taken our fill of epic photos the previous day.

The drive back was pleasant, with several stops for sightseeing along the sea-to-sky highway. First we stopped at Nairn Falls for lunch, coupled with a 15 minute walk to see the falls themselves. Next stop was Whistler village, to get some postcards and feel the party atmosphere. Final stop was Porteau Cove, just south of Squamish, for a quick water stop and to take a break from driving.

All in all a great trip!