Eagle Bluffs + Black Mountain

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After getting back from Elfin Lakes we had a slack day, so we decided to go on a leisurely stroll up Eagle Bluffs with Kiri and Philip.

This is the second time in a few weeks that we had been up to Cypress for a day hike; at just 45 minutes from the city it’s a really great trailhead. We got some pretty nice views from on top of the bluffs (though IMO the view from St. Mark’s Summit is slightly clearer) as well as a delicious packed lunch of hummus, Persian herb stew and the remainder of the cheese from our Joffre lakes trip. The descent included a small detour to Black Mountain that provided some nice views to the north.

After dealing with the traffic to get back into town we stopped off at 2nd beach for a refreshing swim before heading home. A nice day out!


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